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PVC Fence Care & Maintenance

Why our PVC fencing?

PVC fencing has become increasing popular the world over. Unlike timber or metal, PVC will not crack, rust, fade or rot and is backed by a lifetime warranty. No other fencing product carries such warranty. With its green image, longevity, maintenance free properties and versatility PVC has become the number one fencing choice for home privacy, garden landscaping, pool areas, schools, farms and parks including golf and cricket venues.

How strong is PVC?

PVC has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility. Our PVC fence components are engineered with impact modifiers and UV protectants to make our vinyl products strong and guaranteed against fading, cracking, blistering or discolouring even in the toughest weather conditions.

Will PVC break in cold/hot weather?

As with most plastics, PVC will become less flexible in colder weather conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break. It is normal for materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Our PVC products have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and changing climactic conditions.

Why can't I get PVC fence or railing in dark colours?

Titanium dioxide is the main ultraviolet inhibitor. It is a white pigment. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain a dark colour while having this significant amount of white pigment. Dark colours also absorb heat. There is no current technology that dissipates this heat build up.

Is PVC safe for children and animals?

PVC products have smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges or splinters. You, your children, pets and animals are all safer. PVC has a tough surface, retains virtually no moisture, has no taste, and is non-porous.

Does it chalk?

Light chalking is a normal occurrence of any pigmented surface. Washed away by rainfall and normal changes in weather, this process helps to keep your fence looking like new. In effect, it could be described as virtually maintenance-free.

Will PVC burn?

PVC has a high flash point of 900°F and does not readily ignite. It is therefore categorized as being "self-extinguishing".

Will a weed eater scratch or hurt a PVC fence?

PVC fencing holds up to routine property maintenance, including the use of most types of weed eaters.

What is the warranty and what does it cover?

The warranty covers rotting, peeling, cracking, chipping and discolouration backed by our 15 year Warranty.

How do I clean PVC?

Use of a non-abrasive liquid cleaning agent is normally sufficient. However, for more stubborn stains, a product similar to Soft Scrub may be helpful.
Most Graffiti can be removed, first try using a non abrasive scoring pad with a liquid cleaner if the graffiti is new. Other options are methylated spirits , mineral turpentine or hairspray which has proved to be effective.
Marker pen ink can be removed with the above but you are left with a light ghosting. This will burn off over time with UV light or for quick removal Harpic wash & shine gel is effective.

Can I paint it?

There should be no reason to paint PVC. If you decide to paint it, an epoxy-based paint needs to be used in order to adhere to the smooth PVC surfaces. As with any painted product, it would have to be repainted in time. Any painting of your vinyl product voids its warranty.

How do you install PVC products?

Similar to most fencing, PVC fence is installed with concrete around each post. Bottom rails are reinforced by aluminium insert supports. Posts can be sand filled for extra strength. Rails can also be attached to existing posts using wall mount brackets.

Can I install PVC fencing on a concrete surface?

Yes. A steel plate and sleeve (sold separately) are attached to the concrete by dynabolts. The vinyl post slides over the sleeve and attached securely. A matching vinyl cap covers the plate.